How the Tenets Impact the Temagami First Nation

The Tenets for Temagami impact Crown Land and private/patented land in and around Temagami.  The Tenets do not apply to Federally administered land, which currently only affects First Nation communities.

In advancing the Tenets, the TLA wishes to record its respect for the rights of the Temagami First Nation and the Teme-Augama Anishnabai in their ancestral lands, n’Daki Menan, which include the Lake Temagami area so valued by our members. Upon the satisfactory settlement, between TAA, TFN and the non-native governments, including “new” land disposition agreements between these parties, the TLA, guided by the Tenets, will work collaboratively and respectfully with those authorities.  

It is our hope that the values reflected in the Tenets will resonate for all parties concerned with sustaining the Lake Temagami environment and its people for generations yet to come.

The Keep Temagami Beautiful campaign is proudly brought to you by the Temagami Lakes Association, a community group interested in environmental quality and the future of Temagami