Supporting & Respecting our Communities

When Temagami was first formed, it was done so with an understanding that the distinct neighbourhoods that make up our municipality would be allowed to grow and develop in a way that both respects the natural beauty of our region and makes the most sense for the individual communities. We understood that the needs of Temagami proper would differ from Cassels Lake, whose needs would in turn differ from those of Marten River, Matabitchuan or Lake Temagami.

To ensure our communities could continue to grow and prosper in a way that respected those individual needs, our municipality adopted a Local Neighbourhoods Policy that would give our neighbourhoods the autonomy to develop their community accordingly.

One of the central priorities of Keep Temagami Beautiful campaign is preserving that Local Neighbourhoods Policy. We know that adopting a “one-size-fits-all” approach to community planning in Temagami ignores how the unique characteristics of our different neighbourhoods breathe life into our community and provide a rich experience to all those who live, work and play in the region.

And so: we’re calling on residents in the region who support the policy to show their support by
joining our campaign. We’ll continue to track where our municipal councillors stand on the issues and share ways you can get involved to help ensure we both Keep Temagami Beautiful and keep our individual communities strong.

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The Keep Temagami Beautiful campaign is proudly brought to you by the Temagami Lakes Association, a community group interested in environmental quality and the future of Temagami